Mr Rosenblum’s List

Jack Rosenblum is five foot three and a half inches of sheer tenacity and through study and application he intends to become a Very English Gentleman.

Jack is compiling a list: a comprehensive guide to the manners, customs and habits of England. He knows that marmalade must be bought from Fortnum & Mason, he’s memorised every British monarch back to 913 A.D. and the highlight of his day is the BBC weather forecast. And he never speaks German, apart from the occasional curse.

From the moment he disembarked at Harwich in 1937 he understood that assimilation was the key. But the war’s been over for eight years and despite his best efforts, his bid to blend in remains fraught with unexpected hurdles. Including his wife.

Sadie finds his obsession baffling. She doesn’t want to forget who they are or where they came from. She’d rather bake cakes to remember the people they left behind than worry about how to play tennis.

But Jack is convinced they can find a place to call home. In a final attempt to complete his list, he leads a reluctant Sadie deep into the English countryside. Here, in a land of woolly pigs, bluebells and jitterbug cider, they embark on an impossible task….

Mr Rosenblum HB

Mr Rosenblum’s List or Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring Englishman will be published by Sceptre in April 2010 in the UK and Reagan Arthur Books for Little, Brown in the U.S. in June 2010, with the title Mr Rosenblum Dreams in English.


4 responses to “Mr Rosenblum’s List

  1. Dear Natasha,

    Just to say I really loved the book and look forward to meeting you. We definitely want you to talk at JBW.
    Do take care

    020 7446 8772

  2. natashasolomons

    Dear Geraldine,

    Thank you so much for your kind comment – I would love to talk at JBW.

    I will give you a call.



  3. Hi Natasha,
    I work for an independent bookstore called Riverbend Books in Australia and did work experience with your Australian Publisher Hachette. I was handed a proof to read in March last year, and absolutely loved Mr Rosenblum’s List. I lost many hours on buses absorbed in Jack and Sadie’s world (and then went home and researched Baumkuchen. Subsequently it’s to be our book of the month for March, and much excitement is building! We think it will do just as well or better than The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Thanks for writing a wonderful book! Cheers,

  4. natashasolomons

    Hi Kate,

    Thank you so much! It’s just the most amazing experience when a reader connects with my book. I’m so touched by the way that Australian booksellers have been responding to Jack and Sadie. I wish I could come and visit!

    Would you be willing to do a guest post on my blog? Perhaps talk a little bit about selling ‘Mr R’ in Australia or some aspect of the bookselling business? It’s always so interesting to hear another perspective.

    If you want to contact me directly, send an email to:

    mrosenblum AT hotmail DOT com


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