Natasha Solomons

Natasha Solomons
I’m a writer and I live with my husband, David, in a tumbledown cottage in rural Dorset. My first novel Mr Rosenblum’s List or Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring Englishman will be published by Sceptre in April 2010 in the UK and by Reagan Arthur Books for Little, Brown in the U.S. also in 2010. In the US it’s called Mr Rosenblum Dreams in English.

As well as novels, I write screenplays with husband and co-writer David, and I’m trying to finish a PhD on eighteenth-century poetry.

From the moment when the first daffodils appear, I can be found in the summerhouse at the  bottom of the garden. It has no electricity and I listen to a wind-up radio for entertainment – but this is my favourite place to write. My closest neighbour is a rather bumptious pheasant who comes to sit on the step and check up on me.


2 responses to “Natasha Solomons

  1. Thanks for your message.
    How interesting about your great-great uncle. Wasn’t Karl (Otto’s brother) the physicist; he who came up with the Schwarzchild radius, black holes, etc. ? Otto was the sensible one who went into banking, I believe. A very distinguished family anyway.

    Talking of black holes, those are very large molehills in your photo. I suppose they must have been made by very large (giant mutant?) moles. I’d check under the bed, if I were you…

    Seems that we linked up via Jane Smith’s excellent blog. Is that her real name, do you think? Or is she lurking ghost-like behind an assumed name, so as not to be sued by Sharon Osborne or someone?

    You book sounds great. I have mentally reserved a copy and will check your site for updates.
    All the best,

  2. I’ve said I would, although exactly at what point in the cycle, I’m not sure. Sounds like it might be interesting, though – even if, inevitably, there will be a certain lack of candour!

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