Mr Rosenblum’s Cottage gets a new thatch

It’s been 20 years and it’s time for the cottage to be re-thatched. This is the cottage that my grandparents bought when they first arrived in Dorset and the place where I spent all my holidays as a child. The windows are really high as it used to be the village school and the teachers didn’t want the children to be distracted by interesting goings on in the lane outside.

The thatcher and his assisant are doing a grand job as you can see. My mum mentioned ‘Mr R’ to John the thatcher and he was very enthusiastic and is bringing his wife and their book group to the launch. If only he could have helped Jack and Sadie with their leaky roof in chapter 10…

bundles for the thatch

And you need a good head for heights… I feel dizzy.

I love the bright colour of the new thatch. It fades so fast.



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4 responses to “Mr Rosenblum’s Cottage gets a new thatch

  1. Aaah, what a pretty cottage – and I see they are using reed. Some people round here use straw – doesn’t last anywhere near as long 🙂

  2. Oooh weird – my icon’s changed 😮

  3. natashasolomons

    Yes – you have a monocle now. Clearly wordpress decided that you needed a wardrobe change.

  4. Hi my mum live over the lane from you and went to the school.
    As a fellow thatcher I must read the book.

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