I think it’s starting…

I’ve got used to telling people that my book’s coming out next year. Only now it’s this year. I’m excited and  nervous in equal measure. Little snippets are starting to appear, like here:


Where the fab book blogger Simon Savidge picks ‘Mr R’ as one of his books to watch in 2010…

I’m also speaking at my first event – Jewish Book Week on the 2nd of March. So, do come along. It’s my very first Mr R talk, so I might be rather nervous…


It’s quite strange, as we get closer to the release of Mr R, I am busily writing Fred. In fact, I’m hurtling towards the end. I’ve enjoyed writing her so much that part of me really doesn’t want to finish. But, I know it’s alright. It will only be the first draft and I’ll have Mr S’s notes and then agent Stan’s and then Jocasta’s. So, Fred and I will spend a lot more time together yet. But this is a good thing – I really don’t get tired of the stories or the characters. I’m looking forward to seeing Jack and Sadie once again. Only this time, they won’t just be mine, but will belong to other readers too.



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6 responses to “I think it’s starting…

  1. Awww thanks for the kind words Natasha. I have Mr R on the TBR already but am waiting until closer to the release dates before I start reading! I always imagine this time must be exciting and daunting all in one for authors! Looking forward to reading more about this journey with you on here!

  2. kimberlyloomis

    Great post and, of course, when might we be able to find the book on our shelves in US? Reading your blog very much has enticed me to check out your book- and not just wait for it to be in my library!


  3. natashasolomons

    Thanks Kimberly. The book will be out in the US in the middle of June… It’s published by Reagan Arthur Books for Little, Brown.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. natashasolomons

    And thank you for the mention, Simon. I’m excited. It’s a strange feeling when people (apart from my mum) start to read Mr R. The characters take on another life and I don’t feel that they just belong to me anymore. I guess this is how parents’ feel when their kids start school…

  5. I can sense your excitement as you write. Congratulations. And having been following your blog for some time I can’t wait to read it!

  6. natashasolomons

    Thanks Kate – and it will be so nice to actually meet you in March.

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