Jack and Paul

The festive season was so much fun, but I am really glad to be snuggled at home writing again. Jocasta is busily preparing the paperback edition of Mr R and has asked me to find some photos of my grandfather, Paul, who was one of the inspirations behind Jack. I sent her the pictures through and she called straightaway to remark on how handsome and elegant Paul is. Jack is many things – determined, obsessive, tender, ‘five foot three and a half inches of sheer tenacity’ – but he is neither handsome nor elegant.I found myself oddly glad that Jocasta had observed the differences between the two men as well as the similarities.

I hope my grandfather would be proud of Mr R – even though he was never really a fan of fiction, never quite understanding why writers felt the need to make things up when the world is already chock-full of fantastic stories. I suspect he would not approve of Jack. He’s too rash and impetuous for his taste. And Paul would consider himself a far superior golfer.

Paul looking dapper in the Dorset countryside



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4 responses to “Jack and Paul

  1. Oooh look at your snow – it seems to have gone round in a big loop and missed south Dorset completely!!

    Fab picture of your gf – Jocasta’s right – very handsome!!

  2. natashasolomons

    I hope you get some. I love snow… I struggled working in the summerhouse today as the door was frozen shut. Glad you like the pic.

  3. kimberlyloomis

    Great pictures- all of them. Your grandfather certainly looks the dapper gentleman! Your crisp, clean blanket of snow looks lovely as well. I so love snow when it’s first fallen, not even a footstep sullying it…too quickly it gets flecked with sand and takes on that not so pretty muddy color.

    Fun post and, again, nice pictures!

  4. natashasolomons

    Thanks Kimberly. And your comment inspired today’s blog post on the thaw…

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