postcards from the winterhouse

Mr S and I have had power installed in the summerhouse. We have a vintage-style heater (all shiny white to match the furniture) and a flower-shaped light and power-sockets for the macs. Though, we’ve kept the wind-up radio as we’re both rather attached to it. And, if the apocalypse comes, we’ll still be able to listen to Radio 4.

I’m still reading and scribbling notes for Fred. The problem is, I keep coming across delicious tidbits like this: did you know that farmers painted white stripes across black or brown cattle during the blackout so that people stumbling back from the pub in total darkness didn’t walk into cows on the unfenced lanes? I did not know that. But now that I do, I feel my life is better. I am wondering how I can incorporate this into Fred, but fear that it may not strike quite the right tone. What do you think? Can I paint the cows or no?

The light here has been so beautiful during the last couple of days – black, black skies which make the grass appear an unreal green and the white-washed cottages shine like Californian teeth. I am so pleased to be back in Dorset. More than a week in London, I really start to pine.

Please check out the new link under the banner at the top of the blog for Mr Rosenblum’s Great British Tour. I am going on a book group tour next spring and summer and I would love to visit your group. I don’t mind if there are only a few of you or lots of you! Leave me a comment and I’ll get in touch.

Dorset skies


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