the seascape of my imagination

Jocasta is here in Dorset for a week – (Jocasta editor rather than Jocasta the pheasant who is always in Dorset, residing at the bottom of the garden). I took the opportunity to take her and Mr Jocasta and the small Jocasta-lets to the seaside, and to Tyneham in particular to show them the setting for Fred. It was lovely weather, cold and crisp with the leaves turning red and gold.

It was a slightly odd sensation; I padded about the village in my wellies, pointing at the stables saying ‘that’s where Mr Bobbin the horse lives’ (J wanted to know exactly which stall), and past the ruined village stores (run by Poppy’s aunts) and realised that my imaginary ‘Tyneford’ had utterly fused with the real Tyneham, so that I’m no longer quite sure which is which. I pointed to Lovell’s tower on the horizon, and couldn’t remember what it was called in reality… and I felt so sad seeing the ruins of Burt’s cottage on the beach.

I’ve never invited someone into my imagination before in quite such a physical sense.

This is a picture Mr S took of Worbarrow/ Wobarrow Bay in Tyneham/ Tyneford…

wobarrow: worbarrow



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3 responses to “the seascape of my imagination

  1. Tyneham is such an incredible and powerful place – but so sad. I think it’s wonderful that you’re breathing such life back into it!

    (BTW nice piccy)

  2. natashasolomons

    Thanks Kate! Yes, I love Tyneham… it’s a place that’s haunted me since I was a little girl. I want to visit the ruins of the manor house and am going to have to write to the colonel…

  3. Hi, same here; Tyneham and I have had a close relationship for a number of years.

    More to the point, I’ve just written a short ‘ghost story’ based on the evacuation of the village of Tyneham in 1943.

    It’s published here:

    Kind regards,

    Paul Hodge (Freaky Folk Tales)

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