A smattering of chaos and Gravity’s Rainbow

I do live on the edge of chaos. Even the desktop on my mac is cluttered with stuff. Whenever Mr S borrows it, he returns it with the random files tidied away into neat little blue folders. Things have been lost on my actual desk for months… phone numbers, fountain pens, knitted finger puppets, socks, while biscuits always vanish instantly, leaving behind only a mysterious trail of crumbs.

So, this is a convoluted, marginally chaotic way of justifying why I’ve not made this post before. I’m joining in the fun over at Editorial Ass and hosting the London meet up to discuss Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon. http://editorialass.blogspot.com/2009/09/gravitys-rainbow-read-along-week-1-p-1.html The reasoning is, if you’ve not read it yet, you probably never will unless somebody makes you and there is a support group. So, horray! This is your opportunity. And there will be cupcakes and gin and laughter! Oh, yes, and you only have to read the first 70 pages. If all goes well, we’ll discuss the other 690 at other meetings, with more gin and cupcakes – you get the idea.

The first meeting will be at 5pm on Sunday 26th September at the Yorkshire Grey Pub in Langham St, W1. I will be there. So will Mr S. And so will: http://anunopenedenvelope.blogspot.com/2009/09/book-club.html

I’m excited. All I have to do now is read it. But not now. Now it’s gin o’clock.


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