Autumn Bliss (and the eating of apples)

Isn’t this weather amazing? I’m not sure about an ‘Indian Summer’ – it seems peculiarly English to me: the best apple crop for years, trees drooping under red and green baubles, leaves turning scarlet and gold, and, in the evenings, the scent of wood-smoke.

Mr S and I have been out walking in the sunshine. He even has little bit of a tan, while I am, of course, pasty as ever (though rosy-apple cheeked, as is fitting for the season). After some delay, here are Mr S’s photos of Golden Cap.

looking toward Lyme Bay, this beachh is Gabrielle's Mouth

looking toward Lyme Bay, this beach is Gabrielle's Mouth

And below is a witch stone. Fishermen believed that by looping one of these stones on the lines around their boats, that witches wouldn’t be able to leap aboard. Unfortunately, they often didn’t learn to swim. I would have thought that drowning was a greater danger than witches, but hey ho.

witch stone

witch stone

This is the Golden Cap itself – see the sandstone in the sunshine. It’s quite a hike to the pinnacle, but the National Trust has kindly put lots of benches at points along the way. It’s so beautiful at the top – you can see all the way to Lyme Bay in one direction and across Burton Bradstock and West Bay to Portland in the other. There were lots of people picnicking at the top. A uniquely British habit: climb to the top of big hill and then sit down and eat an apple. More walkers arrived and a minute later out would come the apples. The sound of the sea and the munching of apples…

Trust me. It's a big hill.

Trust me. It's a big hill.

This is a good place to lie in the sunshine and think about Fred.


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