gazing into the middle distance…

I had to have my photo taken for Mr Rosenblum publicity/ websites/ dartboard pinning etc.  Sceptre had been using a picture snapped by Mr S when we were on holiday in Paris. Jocasta said to me ‘do you have anything we can use for now – a pic of you staring into the middle distance looking pensive and writerly?’ And Mr S duly dug out the only shot of me not in a woolly hat or wellington boots or with sheep. But for the official photo, J decided that sheep or cows or badgers or bluebells or nature in general would be a Good Thing, since Mr R is countryside novel.

My brother, Big Mike, (who’s not big, just bigger than me) is a professional photographer, and agreed to take my picture. It was a bit of a come down for him – he’s taken pics of Thierry Henry, Eve Ensler…, and his photos have appeared everywhere from bus-stops to Harpers and Queen. The nieces were drafted in to tickle my knees, while staying out of shot, and we ventured to the top of Bulbarrow in search of some decent light/ photogenic cows. I learned good tricks: how to stand at the right angle to make the infamous Carsley-family nose appear smaller, turn face up towards great light box in the sky (aka the sun) and wrinkles/ zits/ creases will miraculously disappear. If only I could walk around like that all day without bumping into stuff.

Anyway, pic posted below. All copyright belongs to Big Mike. Also, you should check out his website, there’s funny stuff on there, but then I would say that:

<a href=””>mikecarsley</a>

ah yes, the pensive middle distance.

ah yes, the pensive middle distance.



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5 responses to “gazing into the middle distance…

  1. Frank

    That’s not pensive, that’s adorable. You’ll need to try again.

  2. natashasolomons

    Thanks. I’m blushing. Or maybe it’s just the gin.

  3. SarahSecks

    lol, not the gin at all I’m sure! It has a certain je ne sais quoi though. You’re looking good; still stylish after all these years I see.

    Where were the cows though? Were they being recalsitrant and diva-ish by not appearing in your photograph? lol lol lol

  4. natashasolomons

    Hey Sarah – lovely to hear from you! And you’re quite right, the cows do seem to be hiding. I swear they were there when the photo was taken. But then my nieces were busy tickling my knees to make me smile… Where are you living now?

  5. SarahSecks

    That is a shame about the cows, but good about the neices (I normally think of past conquests to raise that kind of a smile). Perhaps Big Mike edited them out as it may well have ruined the perspective of the shot. It may well have detracted from the blurb shot had there been several miniture cows in the picture. I once did something similar and the caveat was the photograph never saw the light of day. I think yours was better as it was; cow free.

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