kiss me quick

Mr S and I have been in London this week. It’s always hard to find the writing groove in London. There is one desk in the flat. It’s sloped. Like, if one placed one’s macbook on said desk, it would slide off and crash onto the floor. There is a table. With one comfy chair. I got the table and comfy chair on Monday. By Tuesday Mr S claimed his back was sore and stole back comfy chair, while I harrumphed around the flat, seeking out spots to write. Tried the sofa. Rubbish. Tried my dad’s old leather chair. Rubbish. Sat outside. Neighbour’s dog, yap-yapped. Sat on the bed in the basement. Rubbish.

Yesterday saw agent Stan who was in London on ‘business’ involving the Celtic/ Arsenal match. He was in the company of his teenage son, and so was marginally better behaved. And I do mean marginally. I don’t think I’ve ever had a meeting with Stan which did not involve the pub and several pints of Guinness/ G and Ts. Also, probably not a coincidence that both Mr S and I started the day very stuck. We cursed Stan, considered phoning him to shout and berate him, until we remembered that his phone was ‘broken’ (dropped in one pint of Guinness too many) and no longer receives calls. So, we bowed to that time honoured writer’s custom: we had a good fight and then went out for lunch time margaritas.

This did seem to fix things. In the afternoon, Mr S and I have both been writing scenes containing a kiss. His is funnier. We went for coffee and compared kissing notes. It was rather fun. We sat in Latana drinking flat whites and chatting about our characters’ kisses. It was like being back at school and gossiping about the other kids…



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3 responses to “kiss me quick

  1. You’ve mentioned before that Mr S is also a writer, but now you’ve intrigued me and I have to ask…what does he write?

  2. natashasolomons

    Mr S is a screenwriter…you may have seen his adaptation of ‘Five Children and It’ staring Eddie Izzard, Kennith Branagh, et al.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Yes, I have – now I’m impressed!! šŸ™‚

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