it’s raining plumswor

It’s been quite a season for plums. My mum has made 30 pounds of plum jam. I am very excited, as I love plum jam even more than gin. Mr S and I have had lots of plums on the tree in our garden too, and as I walk out to the summer house each morning, stray plums plop onto my head. It’s plum soup for pudding every night. I’ve eaten so many that I am probably a little purple.


I’m driving Jocasta slightly crazy at the moment (so will probably have to make it up to her with some jam) as we try to finish the last nit-pick edits. In Mr R, Jack and his friend Curtis get lost in a maize field. Now, unfortunately, one of the early-bird Dorset readers has reliably informed me that maize was not introduced into Dorset until 1969. Mr R is set in 1952. So, I’ve been asking my fact checkers (trusty band of knowledgeable Dorset farmers) to ponder this problem and come up with an alternative crop. It must be tall enough for two short gentleman to get lost in, and conceivably be grown in 1952. Not as easy as you’d think… Can’t have sweetcorn: was grown in rows of only a few plants in veg patches, not as a commercial crop. Hops weren’t really grown in Dorset. Mangle worzels sound great, but are sadly a kind of turnip. Hard to get lost in a turnip field. I’ve promised Jocasta an answer by Monday. Or I think I will be marched into a maize field…

So, please, if you have an idea – answers please on a postcard to the summer house!


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  1. natashasolomons

    I have to say thanks to my friend Lis, who has been valiantly talking to elderly Dorset farmers and asking advice.

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