Ow. Everything hurts.

My mum’s friend Sue read Mr R for part of Sceptre’s ‘Mum’s the word’ book campaign. She said lovely things about Jack and Sadie, and offered to show me Bulbarrow on horseback. Of course I said yes, and Sue, Blue, Ladybird and I rode around Bulbarrow and Turnworth and Delcombe wood. For three hours. And believe me, being on a horse, even a docile sleepy one like Ladybird, for 3 hours is a long time – especially when the last time you rode was aged 10 on Saturday mornings so that your dad could go back to bed for a proper lie-in. I cannot really walk anymore. I can only waddle.

After I came home, Mr S sniffed me and said ‘goodness darling, you smell like a horse’. Muttering, I climbed painfully into the shower. Fell out shower. Got dressed. Considered going out to the summer house. Decided it was too far and I might not make it, so limped into my study and managed to work there instead.

Mr S has e-mailed me pictures of the summer-house to remind me what it looks like. If only I didn’t hurt so much and if only the bottom of the garden wasn’t quite so far away.

Ah, summerhouse, one day I shall limp out to you again.

Ah, summerhouse, one day I shall limp out to you again.


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