For your eyes only.

I saw the final cover for the hardback of Mr R, this week and hooray, it’s really fab. I will ask Jocasta if I’m allowed to post it on the blog. For the moment she’s been sending me the cover art in e-mails titled ‘For your eyes only’, as I think she recognises my difficulty in keeping shtum. Suffice to say, it has a wonderful 50s feel, with gorgeous hand-lettering and a little illustration of Jack and Sadie.

We have been going back and forth for quite some time over the cover copy, ie. the description of the book on the back cover. It needs to be just right, so that someone picking it up in a bookshop will (hopefully!) be tempted over to the till and not drop it like a smelly piece of cheese. So, anyone who is going crazy right now with query letters or synopses remember – your editor will have to write one too…

As I said before, we did not want to mention golf (a word of evil, according to marketing – golfer’s don’t read books about golf, they’re too busy playing golf and everyone else thinks golf is well, evil). Or give too much story away, while still suggesting that there is a story, a period story and has bits of magic and marriage and woolly-pigs and stuff. No surprise it’s taken a while. Jocasta says she’s is finally happy. I don’t believe her and am fully expecting another e-mail on Monday saying ‘final, final one, I promise really’. Anyway, I’m happy and have posted it on the Mr Rosenblum page on the blog.

In other news: I have lost my cooking mojo. This happens when I’m really into writing. Fred has taken over everything and I can no longer poor creativity into supper. We are living off ham and eggs, and baked potatoes. These are ready meals in the country. Any one who would like to donate food for cooking-blocked writer, just let me know… no donation too small…or too big…

My friends arrived for the weekend bringing a giant tub of homemade muffins. I think I’d better go and feed the writing muse some muffin.


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  1. natashasolomons

    Just in case you were wondering – the muffins were magnificent. Didn’t do any work though. Went to the street fair in milton abbas. Lots of ladies in bonnets and a hog roast.

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