the joys of an english summer

When the weather is like this, I wonder why we ever leave England to go on holiday. It was actually too hot to work in the summer house for a couple of days this week! That has never happened before. I wandered around house and garden with my lap top looking for a cool spot. My study under the eaves can also get rather warm, and on the terrace small flying creatures (aka bugs) harassed me and landed in my hair. I think my general state of restlessness was only part due to heat and mostly down to extreme work avoidance. But, I’ve broken through and have now actually started writing book 2, ‘Untitled Tyneford Project’ horray!

The UTP does actually have a title. But I have a bit of thing about titles. Well, not so much me, but everyone else, Agent Stan in particular. He maintains that most of my ideas for titles are rubbish. I get excited, I tell him my title, he winces, laughs and says ‘You can’t call it that. That’s rubbish, that is.’ So, I do have one, but only Mr S knows what it is…

Here is a photo of Fiddleford Mill, taken by Mr S on a hot day out walking with Bumble, Jake and Oscar (three incorrigible four legged friends) …

messing about by the river

messing about by the river


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