sunshine in scotland

I’m in Glasgow for a few days visiting my Uncle Gerry and Aunty Carol, who are over from Boston. I have just returned from California, but after a day by the Scottish seaside I have the worst sunburn I’ve had for years. Ah well. I’m smothered in aloe vera and smell rather lovely. We went to Troon, walked along the beach avoiding the jellyfish and gazed across the Atlantic toward Arran. Then, we went to the best fish and chip shop in the world (yes, I throw down the gauntlet, the Wee Hurrie is the BEST), watched the seals and gulls playing by the fishing boats as we waited and then went back to the beach to eat our picnic fish suppers by the sea. A perfect day. Before we came to Scotland, I had a lovely lunch with Jocasta. I apologised for threatening to eat her namesake (she was sure it was a threat made out of wrath and cruelty) and we were all good. I’ve seen some more artwork for the cover, which is looking rather beautiful. I saw my name on the roughs for the first time, and I did have a little moment. The only other time I’ve had my name on a book cover was aged 10 – I wrote out my story, drew a crayon cover and stapled myself a very smart book.  I think Sceptre’s might be a little more dashing though…
queen's park in the sunshine

queen's park in the sunshine


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