things I like about summer saturdays

1.  Lazy mornings with scrambled eggs and Californication. I get almost homesick for Venice watching Hank Moody aka David Duchovny strolling down the boardwalk.

2. Bees buzzing in the geraniums. The sound of an English summer…sipping tea, eating muffins and listening the bees.

busy bee

busy bee

4. Foxgloves. I love foxgloves – especially the way that bees (since we’re on the subject) file in and out. My father always used to warn me not to put my finger inside the petal tubes as I might get stung. But they look so tempting…nature’s finger-puppets (and you know how I feel about those…)


5. Working in the summerhouse. Somehow, when I’m reading outside, staring at the garden, it doesn’t feel quite like actual work. I’m busily researching novel 2 ‘Untitled Tyneford Project’, and need to immerse myself in the world before I can start really writing. I get anxious before I start and the more I panic, the harder it is to read and let my mind wander. But the sunshine on the garden wall, the waving banks of geraniums and fuscia bushes nodding in the breeze (as well as endless cups of tea in my ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ mug) help me relax and drift back to Dorset before the war.

rambling borders and the garden wall

rambling borders and the garden wall


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  1. Pre-war Dorset – now that does sound interesting!

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