Hello Dorset!

I am so happy to be home! I confess that this morning I was awoken at the slovenly hour of 10.30 am by Jocasta (editor not pheasant) on the telephone (not squawking outside the window), as Mr S and I have been rather sleepy from jet-lag. We wandered around the garden in our dressing gowns admiring the foxgloves and the pink and purple geraniums. It looks like there is going to be a good crop of plums this summer. Last year the tree was rather sick, its leaves were munched by some evil pests and the poor thing looked like it had alopecia . Now it is glowing with health – leaves shiny and plum coloured and hundreds of tiny fruits.

Mr S and I went for a Dorset walk. The ones in L.A. were fun – along the boardwalk, up in Tamescal Canyon and the night hike in Griffith Park to see the city lights. Yet, this afternoon we walked through flowering meadow grass, listening to the wagtails and admired our first dog roses.

Me, happy to be home and as pasty as usual

Me, happy to be home and as pasty as usual

Jocasta and I chatted through the final copy for the book jacket. We’ve been going back and forth on this for a week or two, between us trying to come up with the best form of words to entice people to read Mr R.  Jocasta explained that this must not be a summary of the story but instead needs to express the tone, show the quirky charm of the irascible Jack and give hints of the story/ conflict without giving too much away. Also, there must be no mention of golf. Since, the ‘inciting incident’ in Mr R involves Jack Rosenblum selling his comfortable Hampstead house, buying 60 acres of land in rural Dorset and starting to dig his own golf course, this was quite a challenge.

It was also the right decision. My story is not ‘about’ golf – it could have been cricket, or tennis etc. It’s about a man who wants to assimilate and become British, so that he can find a place to call home. I would hate people to be put off the book, because they don’t like golf!

I’m rather worried I’ve upset Jocasta (editor not pheasant). Jocasta (pheasant not editor) has been pecking holes in my lawn and making quite a mess. I e-mailed Jocasta (editor) and told her not to take it personally, but I’m considering terminating Jocasta (pheasant) and putting her (again, pheasant) in a game pie if the lawn desecration continues. I’ve not heard back. I think she (editor) might be hurtling down from London to rescue Geoffrey and Jocasta pheasant from the pot…

flowering grass near Sturminster

flowering grass near Sturminster



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3 responses to “Hello Dorset!

  1. Hello Natasha – welcome home!!

  2. natashasolomons

    Thanks Kate! It’s so nice to be back. You must be having a gorgeous weekend by the sea.

  3. I have indeed – just back from the beach with my salt encrusted kids 🙂

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