the pig and the chicken

Mr S and I went to Topanga Canyon to visit our friend Scott Garen, indie film-maker, Zen-Jew and animal collector. I love Topanga – it’s only a twenty minutes or so (or several hours, in the wrong traffic/ mudslides/ fire season) from the centre of L.A and yet it’s a different world. In the summer it’s desert hot, cacti flourish and coyotes stalk the backyards. The only sound is the wind in the scrub. Time is slower there and it is a welcome breath from the sometimes hectic pace of L.A.

On Friday Mr S and I had a meeting at Sony. It was actually really fun – my first time of driving onto the lot and seeing the fake movie streets. The producer we met was charming and the lot was decked out for the launch of ‘Pelham 123’ later in the afternoon. Yet, Topanga is so far away from all this bustle and business.

Scott’s home is really run by his animals. There are the two miniature donkeys, Shrek and Patootie, horse Quincy, wire-haired fox hound Tink, a large ginger cat, the chicken, and last, but definitely not least, Rosie the pig.

Now, pig and chicken have formed an unlikely partnership. Scott explained that his wife and daughter returned home one day with the chicken, who was living on a farm where she was getting pecked on by the other chickens (I think they were jealous of her rather splendid white feathered socks). He agreed that chicken could stay, but only until she’d regained her confidence. Then back to the farm.

But then Rosie fell in love with the chicken. They are now inseparable. Chicken snaffles bugs from Rosie’s wiry bristles, and pig sends chicken as her emissary to peck on the backdoor when she’s is feeling snack-ish. Rosie snuffled and oinked round her yard, while chicken hopped along beside her, clucking in conversation, as they enjoyed the sunshine and shared a light lunch.

I have pasted a pic below taken on my phone as Rosie nudged me with her snout, so it’s rather blurry. I’m hoping to upload a better one including chicken in a couple of days. rosie


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