Sunset in Venice

After weeks of iffy weather, finally, California turned it around and we had our first proper sunset.

proper California at sunset

proper California at sunset

Mr S is currently reading a short story I’ve written about Curtis, one of the characters in Mr Rosenblum’s List. I pretended that I wrote for the BBC short story competition, or to put up on a website for Mr R later on. Really, I wrote Curtis Butterworth Loves Molly May because I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the characters in Mr R. We’ve spent a long time together and, whilst it’s time to move on to book 2, I needed one last adventure under Bulbarrow Hill.

Good night from Venice, I’ll be dreaming of Backhollow, Curtis, Molly May and Felix Bean.


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  1. Hi Dorset Girl – visiting from Jane’s pitch party! Now off to have a look around your blog (if I can bear to think about you in sunny California …). Don’t know if you’ve ever been to my blog – “Help! I Need a Publisher!” but I’m one of Jane’s friends and colleagues, with the same desire to get people taking all the right steps to being well published. Hope to see you there. Best wishes, Nicola

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