sunshine on the boardwalk

After a few days in NYC, I’m now in L.A. Mr S and I are staying in an apartment by the boardwalk in Venice. We have a view of the sea from the deck and the sea breeze keeps us cool. Actually very cool. Sometimes quite chilly. And the breeze blew away my sandwich. But it’s rather lovely – sitting outside and doing some writing.

The greatest thing about L.A. is our friend Jeff Rona. The amazing Jeff is a film composer – you can hear samples of his work here: We also hung out with our friend David Julyan, another film composer, who is a bit of a wiz at astronomy. Over cocktails and sushi he gave me a lesson on black holes, event horizons and tried to explain the Schwartzschield Radius – quite a challenge as I stuggle with basic maths. But, David is an excellent teacher and the astronomy will be really useful for my next novel.

The copy edit has now been finished (thanks Justine!) and the m/s is now pinging it’s way across the Atlantic for me to read. I’m going to make the last few adjustments and then the writing of Mr Rosenblum’s List is finished and it’s time to start book 2. I’m enjoying a rest for the next few days, but ideas are quietly simmering and marinating gently. I like to think during long walks (preferably in Dorset) or in the bath. I have my best ideas in the bath. Or at two in the morning when I don’t have a pencil. Mr S has a pen with a light on the end for just such an emergency. But he’s much more sensible than I.

no palm trees in dorset...

no palm trees in dorset...


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