enchanter’s nightshade, lilac and lily-of-the-valley

I love that there is a variety of nightshade called enchanter’s. It is poisonous but is sometimes used as a quickening agent in natural medicines (otherwise known as potions…) I’m going to try and spot some this summer as I’m out walking, and perhaps even make a brew. Or not. Last time I made elderflower cordial it was full of tiny bugs and had a bit of a crunch.
I’m in the summerhouse at the moment gazing at all the apple blossom in the orchard in the bottom of the garden. The two resident pheasants, Geoffrey and Jocasta, have been having a bit of squabble. I think Jocasta has been flying away from home with Jason Pheasant, a new arrival. Geoffrey is not happy and seems to be telling Jocasta to pack her feathers…
The m/s is now off to the copy editor. This means that as I lie in bed, I think of all the things I meant to change. Cala lilies in chapter 7 are wrong – they should be hollyhocks. When exactly does the cow parsley stop flowering? Never mind. Jocasta (editor rather than pea-pheasant) told me that I can still make these little alterations before it is typeset.
The gorgeous Laura is coming to stay this weekend. I’m so excited as she’s never seen our cottage. It also means that I’ve been busy spring-cleaning. The re-writes have rather taken over my life the last couple of months and my mother (who is reading this, if she can work out how to click on the link I sent her) will be very shocked at my dirty floors. I actually found a snail in the sitting room this morning. I have no idea how he found his way in, but he was hanging out on the stone wall, probably reading the snail equivalent of a newspaper.
Mr S and I are off on Sunday to London and then onto NYC on Monday. I’m going to miss Dorset. It will be great to go away, but I’m looking at all the buds in the garden and am half-sad to leave.
Right, I need to go and pick some lilac, forget-me-nots and lily-of-the-valley for Laura’s bedroom.


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