the final stretch

Ok, sorry about the hiatus. I worked like a demon over the weekend so that I could give the revisions to Jocasta on Monday. Her notes were great. The only point we really disagreed over was the ending. I did huff and puff a bit (quite a bit) and drank a fair amount of gin. However, she did make some really good points (I can’t tell you here, or it would spoil the book in case one day you read it). I worked away on Sunday and Monday, sending the m/s to agent Stan for any last minute advice. I was really, really attached to the new and improved ending and keeping my fingers crossed that she likes it, and hurray – she just phoned to say that she does!

I’ve been taking a couple of days to relax. Though, Mr S and I are in London again on filmy stuff. More on that later…

Met up today with Richard Moore, another of Stan’s clients. We met through Stan and are now friends, much to Stan’s bemusement, who can’t see what on earth we’d have to talk about besides him. Actually, we have lots in common and Stan provides a vast amount of material. None of which can be mentioned in a public forum. Richard has written a fantastic biography of Chris Hoy (gold medalist in cycling), as well as about the mysterious Robert Millar. It’s fun to hang out with other writers. It can be lonely, and its fascinating to hear what other people are working on, especially when it’s so different. The publishing world is new to me, and I like being able to ask Richard stuff – whether it’s about the editing process, literary festivals or just how you feel when you read your own work.

The m/s is coming back to me tomorrow and then, once I’ve done the last few changes, it’s off to the copyeditor. And time to start book 2…


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