Goldilocks and the three Rabbits at the London book fair

I spent yesterday at the London book fair meeting my foreign editors. It was so exciting to be at the Hodder stand – Jocasta (my wonderful editor at Sceptre) had put out roses in china jugs in Mr Rosenblum’s honour. We even had a Dorset cream tea (for elevenses) with Beatrice, my editor at Calmann-Levy (France). I still can’t quite believe that Jack is being published in the UK, let alone in all these other countries. Carlos, my editor at ViceVersa in Spain, told me that he would like to have the book ready for the Catalan festival known as el dia de la rosa (The Day of the Rose) or el dia del llibre (The Day of the Book), held each year on 23rd of April. On this day it is traditional to give your lover a book and a rose. Booksellers have stalls in the street, and half of all yearly book sales in the Catalan take place. It would be so perfect for Mr Rosenblum to come out then in Spain. I think I’ll have to go to Catalonia and join in the fun…

I finally gave Jocasta the fingerpuppets of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Rabbits’ (it’s the lesser known fairytale) knitted by the fabulous Mrs Dodson of Sturmister Newton W.I. Jocasta was very delighted and spent a substantial amount of the day showing off Goldilocks. We did a little display for the lovely Alice, who sells foreign rights for Hodder. She was a bit tired, so we felt a puppet show was in order.  Of course at that moment my German publisher appeared. Fortunately, she was equally entranced by the knitted rabbits.

Goldilocks and the Three Rabbits

Goldilocks and the Three Rabbits

In the evening I was one of several writers attending Hodder’s international buyers dinner. The other writers there were rather amazing. They included – David Nicholls author of Starter for Ten, Chris Cleave, whose The Other Hand is out now in paperback (and receiving rapturous reviews, I can’t wait to read my copy), and also the legendary Gerald Seymour. I was so excited to meet him that I blushed bright pink and started gabbling. But he was very nice about it… I’ve got advance copy of his latest thriller The Collaborator, but I might have to wrestle Mr S for it.

The edit is going really well. I’m pleased with the new scenes I’ve been writing the last couple of days. Jocasta’s given me till Monday, (hence this verbose blog entry) so I’m feeling a bit more relaxed. Until Sunday. When it will be panic once again. Never mind – panic and gin (and inhaling tipex, according to Gerald Seymour) are good for the creative process.



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3 responses to “Goldilocks and the three Rabbits at the London book fair

  1. Hi, just dropped by to wish you a happy Sant Jordi from Barcelona!

  2. Hi, wishing you a happy Sant Jordi from Barcelona.

  3. natashasolomons

    Thank you! And a happy Sant Jordi to you. I think half the countries in Europe have Saint George as their patron saint. But, he does have a dragon as an accessory.

    I wish I was in Spain buying books and roses…

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