knee deep in the edit…

I’m sorry for the sporadic postings for the last few days. I’m so busy with the edit right now. I am eating, sleeping and definitely dreaming the adventures of Jack and Sadie. I’m lucky – I’m married to another writer so, as I finish a chapter I e-mail it to Him Downstairs. He then reads it , scrawls his comments all over it  (with one or two ‘it’s rubbish’ in the margins, to keep me on my toes) and then I go through it once more.

My deadline is next Friday, which is looming closer now. Must finish. Must finish. But, I don’t want to rush. I want the M/S to be as good as I can make it. Every word matters.

My editor sent me some cover design ideas today which look really fab. The irrepressible Stan also had great ideas. (Though, don’t let him know, he’ll only swagger).  I’ll blog about that (with pictures) as soon as I can!


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