I’m back!

Sorry about the blogging hiatus.  I’ve been away for Passover in a land without interweb. It was very strange. I had a lovely time and am thrilled to be back in Dorset. My garden is now full of tulips and forget-me-nots, violets and daisies are starting to peep up between the stones on the terrace. The wild strawberry patch is looking promising too…

While away I still managed to do some work. It was great to catch up with Stan (my agent at Jenny Brown Associates in Edinburgh). I know there is lots of doom and gloom in publishing at the moment with book sales down and people being made redundant. Stan made it clear that publishers are STILL buying books. Since January JBA have done several deals, check them out at:


I also caught up with my brother-in-law Ross Collins, an award winning children’s author and illustrator. I got to see the proofs of his latest picture book Dear Vampa which will be published in the US by Harper Collins this October. The book has all Ross’s usual wit and brilliant illustrations. If you don’t know his work (or even if you do) you should check out his website:


Lastly, David and I had lunch with our old pals Trudi and Neil Oliver. Neil is an author and TV presenter who you might know from the excellent BBC series Coast or The History of Scotland. Neil’s latest book is out in paperback this week (it reached The Sunday Times bestseller list in hardback, only beaten by Jordan’s most recent biography…) He even gave me a signed copy for my Dad.  The book is called Amazing Tales For Making Men Out of Boys and describes some of the most daring feats of courage from the last century or so. There is Scott of the Artic, bravery from the Battle of Britain and many more. What I love about Neil, is that his enthusiasm for his subject is contagious. He’s every bit as compelling on paper as he is on the telly!

Right. Now back to the edit. 12 days to go. Bother.


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