chopped liver, chicken soup…

…roast chicken, strawberry pavolova, chocolate cake, champagne, kosher wine (yeuch)… This is what I have just eaten for Passover dinner. Yes, I know that tonight of all nights I should not be blogging. What can I say? I’m a terrible Jew.

Now, for anyone under the illusion from reading Nathan Bransford et al that literary agents do actual work, I spent this afternoon having ‘lunch’ with agent Stan.He currently has no internet so has been forced to get a connection from the pub. It’s a hard life. So, for anyone waiting to hear from Stan, call the Brewers Arms.

We were meeting with Claire from Synchronicity and hearing all about Crying with Laughter. It’s pretty amazing to have actually made a feature film in this climate – especially a proper independent movie with an actual budget of nearly $1million. They are deep in the sound mix right now and talking with interesting distributors – so watch this space!

Managed to work on the edit this morning. Thought it was going well, had made the right decisions and then saw Stan who said, ‘why did you leave that bit out? Put that back in.’ So, I’m obviously going to ignore him.


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