Piddle Hall

Thanks for your concern over the Harris Hawk attack on David. He’s recovered nicely (but did require a tetanus shot at the local cottage hospital). He has not, unfortunately, gained any hawk-like superpowers, and remains flightless with dodgy eyesight. Needless to say, he’s rather disappointed.

Today the weather was gorgeous, so we went for walk, braving the birds. (Although, David did jump about five feet in the air when a squawking pheasant took off out of the undergrowth and flew above his head). We walked through the village of Hinton St. Mary, a remarkable spot in the heart of the Blackmore Vale that is still quite feudal, with the freehold on much of the land still owned by the illustrious Pitt-Rivers family, whose ancestry I believe goes back to the Ark.

The Tudor manor in Hinton is one of the inspirations for Piddle Hall in Mr Rosenblum’s List, and it’s in the rose garden there that Jack meets the pompous (and dastardly) Sir William Waegbert for the first time. The daffodils were out in an explosion of yellow spring beneath the trees and peering through the wrought iron gates, we took some pictures. This must be one of the most beautiful gardens in England.

I’ve also posted a picture of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury. You may recognise it as the setting for Ridley Scott’s Hovis commercial in the 1970s, where rural Dorset stands in for Yorkshire.

My mum’s just given me some knitted finger puppets she bought from the W.I market for me to give to my editor. I hope she’ll be pleased with Goldilocks and the three bears. Though, the bears do look rather like rabbits. (I hope she’s not reading the blog, or it will spoil the surprise. It’s not every day that you get knitted fairy-tales through the post…)

Me on Goldhill, Shaftesbury

Me on Goldhill, Shaftesbury

Spring bulbs at Piddle Hall

Spring bulbs at Piddle Hall


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  1. Piddle Hall looks gorgeous.

    We took guests to Gold Hill once when we lived in Poole years ago. I was about seven months pregnant and I waddled back up that hill! It took quite an effort.

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