Wings of Deaaaaaaath!

So, just went for a nice relaxing stroll in the countryside – you know, little birds singings, rabbits bounding, clouds drifting etc… Suddenly, my husband tells me to stop. I look up and see a massive bird of prey in the tree (see first mugshot) which I hadn’t noticed as I was so busy talking. David took some pictures, and we realised the bird (which we now know to be a Harris hawk) had bells on its talons – it must belong to someone. We watch it for a bit, bird flies away and we go on our merry way, pleased with this thrilling encounter with mother nature.

A minute later we hear the bells on the hawk jangling like crazy and turn round to see it flying straight at us beak open, talons raised. I duck. David hits the ground. The bird lunges at him, landing on his head, grabbing his scalp with its talons. He’s screaming. The bird’s screeching. I’m well, standing there. The bird disengages from his scalp and stands in between us – won’t let either of us cross its path, so we take different routes home.

I see David in the distance streaking across the field and manage to catch up with him. He’s rather shaken, his head is bleeding. I take him home and feed him gin (for medicinal purposes).

After the attack, a la spiderman’s radioactive bite, he’s now waiting for his new Harris Hawk superpowers to kick in.

The perpetrator

The perpetrator

Shortly before the attack...

Shortly before the attack...



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3 responses to “Wings of Deaaaaaaath!

  1. OMG! Bird must have thought you were looking at it aggressively or perhaps it was hiding out and didn’t appreciate the photo… which could be used in court in evidence against him.

    Seriously, what a horrifying story. I hope your husband is okay.

  2. natashasolomons

    He is fine – but NHS direct seemed to think he needed a tetanus shot…but it was midnight and we are lazy. And he’s still alive this morning. Which is good. He’s pretty useful.

  3. Good grief – that sounds like a scene from a Hitchcock film!! Hope the gin did the trick.
    Did you manage to find out where it came from?

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