Head like a tumble drier…

It’s going to be one of those nights – sleepless or with peculiar dreams. I can tell. I’m now deep in the edit. I have nothing to talk about except Jack and Sadie and England in 1952. Stray ideas and snatches of dialogue are whirling round and round my mind, so that I feel like my brain resembles a tumble drier.  I’m so tired, I’m going to have to pause for a bit – but I’ve left the M/S where Sadie is sad and consequently I feel rather unhappy. Never mind. I’ll be more objective in the morning.

Now, cakes are rather important in the novel (as they are in my life…) And, tit-bit of the day:

Did you know that the puff pastry delight known as a Windbeutel, literally  means ‘wind bag’. I think that’s quite charming.

Hmm. Wish I could post you all some cake, alla Willy Wonka style.


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