Hmm, where to start?

This is a blog about writing (novels, shopping lists, green things in my garden etc.). My first novel Mr Rosenblum’s List: Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring Englishman has been sold to Sceptre (and Little, Brown in the US) and I want to blog about the experience of having a novel published. It’s all very new to me – I’ve worked as a screenwriter as well as on a (never-ending) PhD but the publishing world is uncharted territory.

Whatever I write, it usually ends up being about Dorset. I live in the heart of the Blackmore Vale and am endlessly fascinated by the changing landscape. And cake. I’m a big fan. I usually end up writing about that too. I’ve yet to meet a cake I didn’t like. Until recently, I didn’t see the point in carrot cake. I mean, smuggling a vegetable into a cake is just sinister subterfuge but then my friend Jenny converted me. That girl is the Ian McEwan of cake.

Right. I guess that will do for a first post.



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One response to “Hmm, where to start?

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations! I look forward to following your progress — one thing for sure, it’ll be a great adventure.
    I’ve never been to Dorset but it figures in my imagination as the idyllic English countryside everyone loves to love. I’ll be there one day.

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